student testimonial

Xue Weijian, Class of 2015


Education is often said to comprise imparting knowledge, skills and values. While many existing courses equip university graduates well with the former two, very few require students to question the fundamental values we and society hold dear, on a regular basis. The new Environmental Studies programme provides a fine balance of emphasis on all three aspects – a unique feature placing students in an ideal position to contribute constructively to debates on environmental issues.

Ezra Ho, Class of 2015


The Environmental Studies programme constitutes a challenge and a call to passionate people who want to make a difference. Simultaneously, it is extremely humbling to realise the overwhelming complexity of environmental challenges and the need for an interdisciplinary approach. After all, it is our generation that holds the awe-inspiring responsibility for the future.

Ee Xing Jian Colin, Class of 2015

The BES programme has been nothing short of an amazing experience thus far. The relevance of classroom-based theory is exemplified with the incorporation of field work and real-life case studies, providing me with a holistic learning experience. I have found myself thinking critically and becoming more aware about key environmental issues faced by society today, and I am glad to be learning about every aspect of the environment, including the policy management and the economics of our environment.

The many changes faced by our environment today are real, and the potential dangers in the future are clear to see. The BES programme challenges us, as individuals and as team players, to become pioneers in this field and lead the way for a sustainable future. For students who believe strongly for the environment and a brighter tomorrow, I believe that you will enjoy this course as much as I do!

Goh Jia Chen Judy, Class of 2016

Attending school has never been more exciting when you’re in a course like the BES programme. Classes deliver more than its promise of understanding the interdisciplinary ties behind environmental issues. My time as a BES student has taught me to think critically of controversies that plague both developing and developed countries in interdisciplinary disciplines of law, geography, biology and social sciences. The engaging discussions and thought-provoking opinions elucidated by my peers and professors both in lectures and on various field trips to places of environmental concern provided extensive academic rigour that I believe is the basis of a good college education. The BES community is one that is tight-knit and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of my undergraduate life!

Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips, Class of 2016

BES is a ground-breaking course, allowing me the opportunity to explore the various environmental issues we face in 21st century. BES has not only enhanced my understanding of how interconnected society, culture and the environment are but has also fueled my passion to want to make a difference. I feel that BES focuses one in seeing the bigger picture and how small actions can have major impacts, a lesson that not only applies to environmental issues, but also to various scenarios in life. BES teaches both academic and life skills and is for all those who are interested in a holistic education and development. The close knitted members of the cohorts also helped in enhancing the learning experience and you know you will always be part of the BES family.